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Snowflake Youth Cycling

As everybody knows, the Buena Vista area has been seriously wet for months now. It was the first week of December the last time I successfully got in there to pull off a ride! I can't remember ever having been frozen out for four months before. This has seriously disrupted any plans with STBVF's contractor, Logan Simpson, to get Heritage Study fieldwork underway to formalize and expand our trail system. This can't last forever can it?

Fortunately, Strava tells me that a lot of people have been getting in some licks out in the Snowflake Secret trails on the new Vortex trail when the weather has permitted. This has given some of our Snowflake area riders some inspiration to plant the mountain biking bug into the heads of local youth. I received this email from Jacque Hamilton last week:

A few of us parents in Snowflake and Taylor are tying to get kids excited about mountain

biking. We’d like to make kid group rides a regular/semi-regular event, with the eventual

goal of creating an ACA team, we’re already in contact with Mike from that program. I’m

reaching out to see if you’d be willing to help spread the word. Our focus is on kids in the

Snowflake/Taylor area, so if you know anyone with kiddos who would benefit from riding

with other kiddos, please pass along my information.

So far we have a tentative date of April 1st at 11:30 for our maiden ride. We are asking that

parents of younger kids ride with us. We are not affiliated with any clubs, teams, or programs

right now. Parents who ride are encouraged to join, no matter the age of their kiddo!

Jacque tells me that if anyone has a kid that is confident and stable on a bike on pavement, they can introduce them to mountain biking and take their skill set from there by offering rides consistent with the skill set of the kids who show up. They plan to meet on the Taylor side of the Snowflake Secret Trails off of Papermill Road as that terrain is a little more gentle than and conducive to beginners than the aforementioned Vortex. If anyone out there has questions or wants details, please text Jacque at (520) 465-2412 or reach her by email at:


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