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About the Buena Vista


The Buena Vista trail has existed since it was originally adopted into the White Mountain Trail System in the 1990's.  The Buena Vista itself consists of mostly two-track trail that was originally logging roads.  While it offers some incredible vistas, the officially recognized trail leaves a lot to be desired.


Fortunately, we have inherited a high quality single-track trail system within the Buena Vista area that has existed since long before the adoption of the Buena Vista into the WMTS.  Commonly known by locals as the "Secret Trails," the trail system has existed since the mid 1980's.  Ask one of the few locals who have been around long enough, and they will tell you stories about riding many of these trails thirty or more years ago.


Save the Buena Vista Foundation was officially created in March of 2020 for the purpose of protecting, preserving, and expanding the trail system within the Buena Vista area south of the City of Show Low.  The preservation of this area is absolutely necessary if the residents and visitors to the Show Low area are to have any kind of urban trail system within easy reach of the City.  The trail system is already one of the most popular in the White Mountains among outdoor enthusiasts.

We are actively working with TRACKS, the City of Show Low, and the United States Forest service to protect, preserve, and expand upon the single-track trail system.  In September of 2020, Save the Buena Vista Foundation jointly presented a master plan for the Buena Vista area itself, as well as an expansion of the trail system into the Chihuahua Pines trail corridor on the east side of U.S. 60.  All told, we have the opportunity to create a 30 mile or more trail system within easy reach of town and which connects to many neighborhoods bordering the Buena Vista and Chihuahua Pines area.

Please join us in our efforts to protect and preserve this area.  Generations behind us will thank us if we can execute the plan we have presented.  It's going to take patience, persistence, a ton of labor, and yes, money, to pull of the stacked loop system we have proposed.  But the trail system's potential to be one of the best in the State of Arizona is totally worth the effort. 

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