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Heritage Study Update/Saturday Los Burros Ride

Heritage Study Fieldwork Concludes: The Heritage Study fieldwork for the Buena Vista trail system came to a conclusion on Tuesday. The last pieces of work needing done were scoping a relocation for a portion of El Cucuy and a portion of lower Differential to accommodate archeological sites in the existing trail corridors. We now have viable routes for both to avoid sensitive areas. The next step is for Logan Simpson to prepare a final report for submission to the USFS. That should be completed by the end of this month or early in July. From there, the report will be off to the State of Arizona for comment and approval.

The archeologists from Logan Simpson at work documenting an artifact as part

of the effort to reset lower Differential on Monday, June 19th.

Trails Still Available for Adoption: We still have trails available for adoption! We just need volunteers to go out and do some pruning for us. Among the trails that have not been claimed so far and that probably need the most work include Petrified, Project X and Roughneck. You can pick a trail to prune this summer here:

Saturday Los Burros Ride: The group ride this weekend is going to be at the Los Burros trail again! Meet at 7:00 a.m. at the Los Burros campground and we'll ride from the trailhead located there. The ride will be 13-14 miles, give or take, with a shorter option available for those who may not feel up to biting off the whole enchilada. If you want more information on the trail or directions, please visit: Intermediate MTB skills are recommended. It will be a nice social medium-paced ride. Some come on out and have some fun!


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