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Saturday LOP Group Ride/Heritage Study Begins

Land of the Pioneers, View from Ecks Mountain

Land of the Pioneers Group Ride Saturday: We are changing things up a little bit this week and will be going on the road for a trip to the Land of the Pioneers Trail out near Vernon. If you've not been there before, on this ride you'll get the opportunity to see and visit a pioneer cabin and other early ruins as well as a cool box canyon. We'll meet at the LOP Trailhead (Trail #651) on the Vernon McNary Road (FR #224) at 8:00 a.m. If you need directions to the trailhead, check out the TRACKS website:

The ride will run about two hours in length and cover about ten to twelve miles. Moderate paced social ride. Intermediate MTB skills are recommended. This trail can be a little bit rocky, FYI.

Buena Vista Heritage Study Starts Monday: Just a reminder that the Buena Vista Heritage Study starts on Monday and will be going on for a full week. If you see folks out there digging around in the dirt this week that is probably our contractors from Logan Simpson doing their work. They will be examining all of the existing BV trails outside of the land exchange area plus doing survey work for 5.5 miles of new trails that have been laid out, flagged, and are ready to build. It has been a long time coming but we are finally truly getting stuff done on the ground. Thanks to everyone for their time and support in getting us here!


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