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Saturday Buena Vista Ride/Heritage Study Update

Heritage Study Continues: Logan Simpson is still busy out there doing our Heritage Study to get the trail system cleared. They worked last Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It sounds like they need to talk to the forest service about deconflicting some of the trails and archeological sites, then will probably be back at least one more time to assist us in finding re-routes where they may prove to be necessary. If you see a bunch of white flagging out there in a few spots leave it alone. That is the ongoing work of STBVF's contractor.

Saturday Ride: Hey, we'll be riding out in the Buena Vista area again this coming Saturday! Meet at the BV trailhead off of U.S. 60 at 8:00 a.m. 12-15 mile ride planned. Moderate paced "no-drop" ride so come on out and join us! Intermediate MTB skills are recommended.

Last weekend's group ride was great and we saw a lot of people come out last weekend due to the Pivot demo day. Thanks to everyone who came!


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