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Ride for your Life!

Saturday Night Halloween Ride: The official group ride this week is going to be a Halloween weekend night ride on Saturday, October 29th! We plan to start the ride at 6:30 p.m. from the trailhead inside the Starlight Ridge subdivision. If you don't know where that is, find Wagon Wheel Lane and keep going straight until the road ends and the trail begins. The trails we'll be using for the planned 5.5-6 mile ride will be easy to ride but otherwise in perfectly horrifying condition as befits the evening. We'll be visiting ghastly ghosts, creepy clowns, scary skeletons and even a few zombies. We might even see the Great Pumpkin! This is a slow-paced ride that is intended to see the sights and be kid-friendly, so don't be afraid to bring them along if they can ride. Costumes surely permitted but be careful of things than can get tangled up in bike chains or wheels. Helmets required on kiddos. Remember to charge your lights, and a helmet light and handlebar light both are recommended.

Father Moore will be present to hear your mountain biking sins of the last year, both big and small, and provide forgiveness. Not lubing that chain enough? Not keeping fresh sealant in your tires fresh? Just plain not riding enough? Can's seem to keep from wrecking? We'll talk. We plan to have glow bracelets and necklaces and Carol is going to be providing treats to everyone who survives the horrors we'll encounter.

Walter Jerseys Available for Pick-Up: And don't forget . . . if you've not picked up your pre-ordered Walter jersey from Cycle Mania yet, they are in the store and waiting for you! Thanks everyone for your support of our home trail system.


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