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Los Burros Ride Saturday 8/5

Saturday Ride: Dang, nice to get some rain this week eh? Buena's trails were grippy yesterday evening for the first time in awhile. There are a few trees that fell across the trails as a result of Monday's storm activity but we should have those cleaned up in short order. It is always interesting to go out after a good storm and look at the drainage patterns. Mother nature always lets you know when you need to work on something!

Just letting everyone know that this week's Saturday group ride has us heading out to Los Burros for a change of pace. Meet at the Los Burros trailhead inside the Los Burros campground at 7:00 a.m. Expect to ride approximately fourteen miles, although there is a shortcut trail that cuts that distance in about half for anyone wanting to bail out early.

Friendly social ride and we promise not to drop anyone out there. Intermediate MTB skills are recommended for this one. For folks needing more information or directions on how to get there, check the TRACKS website: We should be finished with the ride at 9:00 a.m. or a little after. Hope to see you out there!


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