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Introducing Clyde! Saturday Ride Information

Forest Creatures: Hello Everyone! Please meet Clyde, the newest member of the secret trails family. Found originally off of El Cucuy, Clyde makes a nice addition to our old friend Walter out in the Buena.. Clyde will be wishing hikers, bikers and equestrians as they pass by him on the trails. He's not hard to find if you keep your head up.

Clyde, the newest addition to the Secret Trails family.

We also need some help with a much bigger critter that is ready to be taken out and will need to be hiked out into the trail system. I need two volunteers to help me who have some time to help, probably next Sunday afternoon. If you are available, send me an email:

Trim-A-Trail Month: Don't forget that we still need people to sign up to help trim trees back from the trail corridors. Glad to see so many people have signed up and that there is evidence of it having already started on the ground! But there are still plenty of trails available for adoption. You can sign up here: to claim yours!!!!! Just remember to follow the trail trimming guidelines in last week's newsletter. Oh, and when you are trimming please remember to throw the trimmings back into the woods rather than leaving him in or right next to the trails. If we leave them to close to or in the trails, they have a way of getting stuck in rear derailleurs and such and become a nuisance! Appreciate your help out there!

Saturday Ride Information: Buena Vista Secret Trails! Meet at 7:00 a.m. and be ready to ride! We depart from the Buena Vista trailhead (south of Show Low on Highway 60, Trail No. 637) for a 12-15 mile ride. Intermediate MTB skills are recommended. As always, this is a social paced ride and should take around two or two and half hours. We never leave anyone stranded in the woods so feel free to come join us! We should be back at the parking lot by around 9:30. It's starting to get hot folks so bring some extra hydration!


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