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Two Ride Saturday/STBVF Board Meeting/Walter Jerseys

Saturday Morning Los Burros Ride: The first of two rides scheduled for Saturday, we will be having a normal group ride on Saturday morning, 10/28. This ride will be at Los Burros. Meet at the Los Burros Campground off of the Vernon-McNary Road at 8:00 a.m. The full loop is 14.6 miles in length, but a shorter option is available for anyone wanting to cut that distance in about half. A friendly social ride at a moderate pace is planned to keep the group together. Intermediate MTB skills are recommended. The ride should take a little over two hours. This will be the last group ride out at Burros for 2023.

A tarantula busy inspecting bike tracks during last weekend's group ride, 10/21/23.

Did he find the mountain biker he was looking for?

"WE ALL FLOAT DOWN HERE" Ride: The second ride of the day, and the official Halloween Ride, will be in the Buena Vista area on Saturday night, October 28th. We'll depart from the Wagon Wheel trailhead at the end of Wagon Wheel Road at 6:30 p.m.

Seen at Lost Tank recently. "We all float down here." Will you float too?

The ride itself will be about six miles in length round-trip from the trailhead down to Lost Tank and then back. Pace will be kid-friendly, so if they can ride off the pavement reasonably competently they will be fine. Along the way, there will be horrors to behold and, perhaps, a ghost story or two. "Shop Momma" will have glow necklaces and/or bracelets for the ride and will be providing treats for all those who survive the ride. Feel free to come in costume for the ride and to dress up your bike in appropriately spooky fashion.

STBVF Board Meeting, Thursday November 2nd: The STBVF Governing Board will be having a meeting on Thursday, November 2nd starting at 7:30 a.m. We will be meeting at the White Mountain Advantage Realty Office at 100 N. White Mountain Road in Show Low. The Tentative Agenda for the meeting:

1. Call to Order/Roll Call

2. Officer Reports

a.) Treasurer’s Report – Amy Johnson

3. Old Business

a.) Completion of Logan-Simpson Heritage Study and Next Steps (Jason Moore).

Invoices Paid: $3,419.00 (5/17/23)

$7,280.00 (6/15/23)

$5,957.65 (7/24/23)

Total Paid to Date: $16,656.65

3. New Business

a. Receipt of supplemental 5K in grant funding from Navajo County (Todd Fernau).

b. New STBVF “Walter” Jersey Order

c. Land Exchange Status

d. Tax Filing (Amy Johnson)

4. Open Agenda Items

5. Next Meeting Date

6. Adjourn

Walter Jerseys Have Arrived: Good news! The new batch of Walter Jerseys (including the long-sleeved version) have arrived at Cycle Mania just in time for the cooler weather and will be available for distribution on Thursday after we have them inventoried and sorted. If you ordered a jersey come on in and pick it up! Cycle Mania also has a number of extra jerseys available for purchase. But sizes and quantities are limited, so if you forgot to order one you've still got a chance to pick one up!


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