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The Whims of Mother Nature . . . and Jersey Reminder

Saturday Morning Ride Location Changed: Due to the late and heavy rains this afternoon, the Cycle Mania group ride has been moved to the Snowflake Secret trails. Meet at the official trailhead on W. 7th St. S. in Snowflake. Head north on Highway 77 to Snowflake. Then hang a left just past the Maverick in Snowflake. That's W. 7th. St. S. The bike park trailhead is on your left about two miles west of Highway 77. We are still meeting at 7:00 a..m. Expect the same kind of ride we'd have done at Buena, just a little bit more technical in spots . . .a two hour ride, 10-15 miles, intermediate MTB skills recommended.

And don't forget . . . we have long and short sleeve Walter jerseys benefiting the Save the Buena Vista Foundation still on sale through September 5th . . . make your order over the holiday weekend if you plan to get in on it! We've got long and short sleeve jerseys this year! Here's the link:


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