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STBVF Receives MBAA Grant

MBAA Grant Funding: The STBVF governing board is happy to announce that the Save the Buena Vista Foundation has received a new grant from the Mountain Bike Association of Arizona (MBAA) in the amount of $2,500!

This money will be earmarked for helping with the cost of signage in the reconfigured Buena Vista we highlighted in our blog post of November 1, 2022. Great signage is important for a "stacked-loop" trail system, so this funding is very important! The MBAA is a great organization, and regularly contributes to trail project all over the State of Arizona. See:

We are very thankful to the MBAA for considering our grant application and making us a priority.

Heritage Study Progess: The STBVF has received a final estimate and Scope of Work from Logan Simpson for conducting the Heritage Study necessary under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) to recognize the existing social trails outside of the land exchange area and for building approximately 5.5 miles of new trails on the east side of U.S. 60. We passed this along to the USFS the week before Thanksgiving and are awaiting comments and approval from the USFS. As soon as we have that in hand, the STBVF will be having a special meeting to approve the contract with Logan Simpson and issue a Notice to Proceed, We are that close to having our Heritage Study underway. We are hoping to have field work by Logan Simpson beginning in early 2023.

Tax Season Donations: As you are doing your final tax planning for 2022, please consider a year-end donation to the STBVF. While we have received huge support lately from the developers of the exchange property, the City of Show Low and the MBAA, to help us with the east side of U.S. 60, remember that this is only Phase I of our comprehensive trail plan for the area. In order to jump the 60 and build something similarly great in the Chihuahua Pines corridor when we start Phase II we are going to need a lot more financial support from the public and private sectors. Especially if you are looking for those few "extra" tax deductions, you can contribute directly to STBVF through a convenient link on our hope page at Unlike the east side of 60, the west side is essentially a blank slate with only small portions of the existing Chihuahua Pines trail being worthy of incorporating into a new trail system that will link into the Buena.


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