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Saturday Ride/Heritage Study News/Crotalus Work Day!

Saturday Morning Ride

In case you missed the inaugural Buena Vista Saturday morning ride of the 2023 season last week we'll be at it again this coming Saturday, April 22. Meet at the Buena Vista trailhead off of U.S. 60 at 8:00 a.m. Expect to ride 12-15 miles, casual social pace stopping at trail intersections to keep the group together. Intermediate MTB skills recommended. We should be finished right around 10:00 a..m. or a little after.

We had a great time last weekend. The ride started at a rather brisk 37 degrees but warmed up nicely during our ride. All in all great conditions. Expect this Saturday to be a little warmer.

Heritage Study to Begin Second Week in May

Our contractor Logan Simpson has been in touch with the STBVF Board this last week and we've been told they are planning to begin work on the Heritage Study on or about May 8th. Their field work will go on for about one week. If you see them out there while you are using the trails, stop and say hello and thank them for their work! This is the biggest step to be taken in making our existing trails official and being able to build some new ones, so we really do appreciate their work!

Erosion Mitigation Project Sunday, April 23

If you'd like to give back a little bit this weekend, we have an erosion mitigation project to do on Crotalus. Meet at the Wagon Wheel trail entrance at the end of Wagon Wheel Road in Lakeside at 8:00 a.m. I'll have some tools on-site, but if you have picks, shovels, Mcloeds, rakes, handsaws, please bring them along too. Whatever you can carry down may come in handy! The blow-out we need to fix is pretty big.

And by the way, "Crotalus" is actually the correct spelling. The word is used to describe pit vipers, but particularly rattlesnakes. See: I suppose when we get around to putting up signs in the Buena down the road we should get it right!


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