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Saturday Morning Ride

Saturday Morning Ride: Hey Everyone! This week's Saturday ride is a special treat. Nate Katlat is going to be leading a ride in the area of the Juniper Ridge trail. Not the Juniper Ridge trail so much itself . . . but some of the social trails and paths in that area. This is probably going to be a a solid intermediate ride and probably not for beginners . . . so fair warning. It is more advanced than the Buena Vista social trials if that gives you an idea, and I am advised it is similar in character to Project X, one of the more advanced trails in the Buena. The ride is about fifteen miles in length, and will probably run about 2 -2.5 hours in length. It will still be be a no-drop ride, as this is something new for most everyone.

Last week's departure for the norm featuring Flume/Timber Mesa/Sawmill/ Panorama was fabulous and rewarding for all thirteen riders that braved it (see photo above), and I'd expect the same this week. Meet at the Juniper Ridge trailhead off of Farnsworth Road at 7:00 a.m. and be ready to follow Nate into the unknown! If you need directions to the trailhead, here is a link to the TRACKS website:


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