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Meet Bonnie/Saturday Morning Ride

Meet Bonnie: This week's new addition to the Buena Vista trails is Bonnie. She joins Walter and Clyde on Trailfairies. Just throwing out an idea to anyone who might be listening and has previous experience in such things . . . Clyde and Bonnie both need hearts like Walter's. No rush, but I think it would liven them up a little bit.

The question may be asked . . . why does Bonnie have zip ties on her mandible? Well, that is because she came to us with a broken jaw which had to be fixed. But fixed she is. And I won't say good as new because obviously, she has seen better days. But still . . .

Saturday Ride: Flume, Timber Mesa, Sawmill, Panorama: This Saturday's ride will cover about twelve miles and will cover portions of the Flume Connector, Timber Mesa, Sawmill Connector, and Panorama. The ride will be led by our very own Pat Przybysz, who has made a special request for this ride. The ride is probably for intermediate riders and will probably take about two and a half hours. There is a fair climb to start the ride that will last four about four miles or so, but after that it should be a lot of fun.

Meet at the Panorama trailhead off of Porter Mountain Road at 7:00 a.m. and be ready to ride It will be a nice social-paced no-drop ride. So come on out and join us!


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