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A Truly Sad Day . . . And a Word of Caution

Getting Fenced Out: Well, Jay Regan was out riding the BV Trails today, and guess what? He almost was decapitated by a string of barbed wire across the trail at the bottom of Naked.

Yes, it turns out we are being fenced out of the Show Low South land exchange area. The location of the new fence being put up is directly on top of the boundary line between USFS property and property that is now in private hands. The evidence is clear:

Soon, we will completely lose access to Ron's, Naked, Roughneck, Show Low Creek, Project X and the lower 1/3 of Petrified. We knew this day would come and that we were living on borrowed time. But there it is.

If you want to get your last rips in on anything in the exchange area other than Naked, I'd get out there soon. The window is closing on that PR or KOM you've been meaning to get on Strava on the exchange area trails. Just be careful. That fencing work is underway, and be darned sure that the trail is still clear before you go ripping down it.

We have put up orange flagging where the trails are close to entering the exchange area from Uncle Tom's, Petrified, Ron's and Naked. You could encounter a fence any day in those locations The warnings are two orange flags tied to a tree. Looking something like this:

We are not going to flag the entries from Sierra Pines . . . if you come in that way, obviously, you are in the exchange area.


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